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JACKALL 's answer to the large bait pattern.

Large bait pattern specialized wake bait

Laiko 132F was developed with a focus on wake bait, which is indispensable for capturing large baitfish patterns such as mullet and sweetfish, which tend to appear in ranker size, including the Konoshiro pattern in Tokyo Bay. It is a high-performance wakebait that combines basic performance that even experts can understand and usability that is easy to handle even for inexperienced users.

Tight action and stability against the tide

It features a tight wobbling roll action that is not too intense and does not apply pressure, and even individuals that could not use their mouths with wide actions are targeted. In addition, it has a stable action that does not easily collapse even when entering a downcross as well as an upcross, and is compatible with fast-flowing rivers. Usable in a wide range of situations.

Stable flight distance and range control performance

In addition to the fat body shape, tungsten center of gravity movement system, and the special lip shape that reduces air resistance, achieves a flight distance of over 60m on average despite being slightly lightweight at 42g. In addition, you can control the range from 0 to 60 cm depending on the angle of the rod and retrieving speed, etc., and in situations where the fish cannot reach the top, it is possible to approach with a lower range.

Specially constructed lip that stabilizes flight attitude

The back of the lip has yellowtail like surface to release air resistance. It contributes to the improvement of flight distance and the reduction of pulling resistance. The hole in the center is a device that does not interfere with the action response.

Easy-to-handle 42g setting

42g setting including hook. You can swing through with an M to MH class rod, and you can handle a relaxed cast with an ML class rod.

Equipped with a large diameter steel ball rattle

Rattle sound that echoes with rattling appeals strongly. In night games, it is possible to get a sense of distance from the lure with the rattle sound.

Equipped with tungsten center of gravity movement system

The sturdy body shape also helps to achieve a stable flying distance. After landing on the water, the moving ball returns at the same time as the reeling starts, even without putting in the one jerk, thereby suppressing unnecessary movement and extending the effective range.

Perfect weight placement

"It shows a slight wobble due to changes in the tide while having a flight distance, a good response, and a stable action."
It is an exquisitely balanced design that allows all elements to coexist without compromising one.

"Wobbling action" that makes you eat

Designed to lose balance for a moment and hit the flutter when receiving a slight change in water flow. Intentionally give the timing to use the mouth to the chasing SEABASS to induce bite.


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