Jackall BPM BaitCasting Rod  6.10FT

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Jackall BPM BaitCasting Rod

Jackall BPM 2020 NEW MODEL BaitCasting Rod

The concept of the 2020 NEW model is a special shore fishing model that specializes in situations and applications such as the plain field that represents the Lake Kasumigaura water system and rivers in various places. On-site specs born from requests from up-and-coming young anglers in the east and west will deliver a lineup that captures the "now" that matches the current bass fishing.

●Fusion of function and style. One and half design

It uses a half design, which is sharp and has quickness. excellent in versatility and portability. By joining at the butt part, stress is reduced while maintaining supple and smooth action. The maximum 130 cm size does not get in the way when traveling by public transport and matches a wide variety of fishing styles.

●"Design" and "basic performance" as tools

As a tool, of course, it has a good basic performance and also has a great design that makes you feel attached. BPM pursues a design and basic performance that makes you want to use it more and more.

 Sophisticated new design (2020 New model)

Five Models of 2020 Additional models have sharp and stylish cosmetics. The presence in the field stands out further.

One and Half Design

A one and half design that emphasizes rod action and portability is adopted. You will not feel any stress when fishing trip using public transportation.

● BC-610XH ~Technical Big Baiting for Near-Medium Range~

Produced by SHOGO MURAKAMI /Baitcasting model

A technical big bait rod focusing on the approachability of short to medium distances. 6oz 10in length setting and taper design to shoot a target pinpoint by putting a weight on a 2oz-4oz big bait blank. Let the tip berry enter properly let it bite firmly hooking up, and bring it to the landing with a powerful bat.

Adopts a 130cm anomalous 2pcs specification (1 & half design) that combines the action advantage of 1pc blank and the portability of 2pcs.


2020 NEW] BP-C610XH
6'10"2145gEXTRA HEAVYMAX 120g16-30LB

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